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Hackerrank has numerous benefits and unique values that set it apart from other programming interview prep or online learning platforms. Below is an overview of some of the benefits you stand to gain from Hackerrank. Simple Interface Of all online interview prep or learning platforms, the Hackerrank interface is one of the easiest to navigate. However, HackerRank is a good resource for learning algorithms and data structures. A lot of the questions on HackerRank are the same trivia-style algorithm questions from coding interviews. It is a fantastic place to learn the basics of these skills and challenge your understanding of these concepts. Sunday, 11 June 2017 TRIE based java solution for Hacker rank : good set, bad set problem. Hi Friends, I am here with a problem, which is based on the No Prefix Set. It is about a set of input strings and we are supposed to find out if any string in the set is prefix of any other one in the string.
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HackerRank is a critical piece of our candidate's experience, and hitting the right tone is just as important as identifying good candidates. HackerRank has been a huge help in making it easy to assess the skills of all the candidates we interview. Without it, the process of scaling our engineering team would have been very cumbersome.




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